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You are at the right place! Chaltrek is Thunder Bay and area's camping store. Look at some of the great variety of high-quality products that we have to offer!

Klean Kanteen
Harvest Foodworks Meals
Coghlan's camping products

Klean Kanteen LogoKlean Kanteen
Klean Kanteen® Classic
The first Klean Kanteen was introduced in 2004 - the first stainless steel water bottle designed for personal hydration. Their mission was to give people a better choice than plastic. They created a reusable bottle made with BPA and toxin-free, food grade stainless steel durable enough to last decades. Chaltrek has been offering the Classic Klean Kanteen since 2006 and has a huge inventory of the four sizes, sippy adaptors and bins of extra lids.
18 ounce
27 ounce
40 ounce
64 ounce

Klean Kanteen® Wide Insulated
Regardless of what you tell people about your Kanteen® Wide Insulated, or whether you’re filling it with chicken soup, hot chocolate, or even ravioli for lunch, be ready to tell your friends and co-workers where you bought it because they'll probably want their very own. Meanwhile, hide yours and put lots of stickers on it.
Klean Kanteen Wide Insulated 12 oz
Klean Kanteen Wide Insulated 16 oz
Klean Kanteen Wide Insulated 20 oz
12 ounce
16 ounce
20 ounce

NEW: Classic Insulated
12 Ounce -- $33.95 20 Ounce -- $42.00 32 Ounce -- $49.95 64 Ounce -- $79.95

Klean Kanteen, a little family-owned business grew to be the leader in the stainless bottle industry. They added coloured bottles, but the Klean Kanteen ® Classic is still the most popular design.

Pink Renewal
Pink Renewal
Tree Bark
Tree Bark
Orange Sunset
Orange Sunset
Green Moss
Green Moss
Ocean Blue
Ocean Blue
Black Eclipse
Black Eclipse
12 Ounce -- $19.99 18 Ounce -- $21.99 27 Ounce -- $23.99 40 Ounce -- $33.99
NEW: Single Wide Wall
27 Ounce -- $26.95 40 Ounce -- $35.95 64 Ounce -- $43.95
NEW: Kid Kanteen
5 Ounce baby-- $24.95 9 Ounce baby-- $26.95
Each Classic and Kolor Klean Kanteen® comes with the lid of your choice. Chaltrek has lots of extra lids for switching up your bottle.
There are six caps, including the latest Sport Cap 2.0. After years of research and testing, Klean Kanteen® developed a sport cap that really works - even on a bottle you can't squeeze.
  • new rapid flow spout
  • quieter valve design
  • quick attachment loop
  • BPA-Free
The Line-up:
Loop flat
stainless Loop Stainless Flat
Sippy with spouts (2)
New 2.0 Sport
Stainless Loop
Stainless Flat

MSR logoTowels

Packtowl OriginalTM
  • Superabsorbent multipurpose camptowl
  • Perfect for everything from campsite to kitchen
  • Large size can absorb a litre of water, then wring out almost completely dry
  • Blue, green, seaside print, canyonlands print
packtowl original
Small $10.95
Medium $14.95
Large $21.95
X-Large $26.95
Personal TM
  • Polyester/nylon microfibre blends offers unmatched softness on the face, hands,body
  • Quick drying
  • Long lasting
  • Dusty blue and currie
Personal Pack Towel
Small $10.95
Medium $14.95
Large $21.95
xlarge $26.95
NEW: RobeTowl TM

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Harvest FoodworksHarvest Foodworks Meals
Harvest Foodworks makes freeze-dried and dehydrated meals specially formulated for outdoors enthusiasts. Whether you're biking, camping, caving, climbing, hiking, paddling, trekking or just hanging out in the wilderness, make sure you bring one of these meals along!

Harvest FoodworksVegetarian Entrees  all $14.75 - 2 portions
Stroganoff - highlighted with red wine and sour cream sauce
Tandoori Curry - exotic blend of rice and vegies in a tangy yogurt sauce
Spaghettini Italiano - chunky Italian tomato sauce on pasta
Oriental Sweet & Sour - tangy, sweet and spicy !
Wild Rice Pilaff - with mushroom sauce
Mulligan Stew - hearty stew with goulash sauce
Cajun Beans & Rice - with tangy tomato sauce
Chili Mexicana - a spicy bean and tomato sauce delight

Desserts  all $7.50 - 2 portions
Chocolate Almond Fudge Cake - a food adventure of chocolate and fudge Apple Walnut Coffee Cake - the sweetest finale to a wilderness meal
Raspberry Cobbler - a delicious delight with real raspberries
Blueberry Cobbler - a delicious delight with real blueberries
Coconut Snackeroons - an instant treat!
Chocolate Chew Cookies - quick, easy and great tasting

Scrambled Eggs - the ULTIMATE scrambled egg mix  $12.50 - 2 portions
Apple Cinnamon Pancakes - tasty spice and fruit flavor combination  $9.50 - 2 portions
Mushroom & Cheese Omelette - a favorite omelette with subtle spicing   $12.50 - 2 portions

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Coghlan's camping products
Chaltrek is a authorized dealer for Coghlan products. Below is just a sample of some of our customer's most popular items.
Pack Grill
#8770 Pack Grill
First Aid Kit pack 1
#0001 First Aid Kit
pack I
Firts Aid Kit pack 2
#0002 First Aid Kit
pack II
First Aid Kit pack 3
#0003 First Aid Kit
pack III
First Aid Kit trek 1
#9801 First Aid Kit
trek I
First Aid Kit trek 2
#9802 First Aid Kit
trek II
First Aid Kit trek 3
#9803 First Aid Kit
trek III
No-see-um head net
#0160 No-See-Um Head Net
Deluxe Map Compass
#9685 Deluxe Map
Emergency Blanket
#8235 Emergency Blanket
Grommet Kit
#8812 Grommet Kit
Magnesium Fire Starter
#7870 Magnesium fire starter
Bear Bell
#0758 Bear Bell with magnetic silencer
red or yellow
Many more Coghlan Products for sale at the store or let Chaltrek order Coghlan products for you!

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