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Sterling Rope
Chalk and chalk bags

logoSterling Rope

webbing1" Tubular Webbing 92m
$1.70 yd/ $1.80 metre
Quality webbing available in red, black, blue, purple and orange in 92-metre spools. Tensile strength 1818 kg.
Accessory Cord
Sterling offers a wide range of accessory cords in outdoor colours and patterns for general utility purposes. Accessory cords are not for lead climbing or rappelling. Like their other ropes, Sterling puts a little extra engineering into the accessory cords to make them more rugged and easier to knot and use.
Thickness Price per yard Price per meter Accessory Cord
2 mm $0.75 $0.85
3 mm $0.90 $0.95
4 mm $1.40 $1.50
5 mm $2.00 $2.15
6 mm $2.50 $2.60
7 mm $2.75 $2.85
8 mm $3.30 $3.40
9 mm $3.25 $3.35
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logo omega pacific


½" Large locking D steel carabiner
Certified NFPA. Available in a gold finish.

Weight 283 g
Gate opening 27 mm
Strength 72 kN
Locking D Bright NFPA

carabiner Certified by the NFPA. Available in bright aluminum.
Weight 74 g
Gate opening 13 mm
Strength 27 kN
D Carabiner Bright
carabiner One of the strongest, lightest Ds available today. Available in bright aluminum, or fully anodized black finish.
Weight 65 g
Gate opening 20 mm
Strength 31 kN
Locking O Carabiner Bright
carabiner Available in bright aluminum.
Weight 71 g
Gate opening 12 mm
Strength 22 kN
O Carabiner Bright
O Carabiner Bright The oval carabiner is one of the most favoured shapes for mountaineering applications. Available in bright aluminum or fully anodized black finish. Weight 65 g / Gate opening 15 mm / Strength 22 kN
Figure 8
Figure 8 devices remain popular for their simplicity, durability and dependability.
Forged from aircraft-quality anodized aluminum with 35 kN minimum breaking strength provides years of hard use. Can be used with double, half or single rope systems for rappelling or belaying. 105 g.
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Chalk and chalk bags
Dyno uses only pure magnesium carbonate in the manufacture of their chalk products. Premium chalk available in 300-g bags, refillable 60-g balls and coming soon 58-g blocks.

Bulk Chalk

Loose, premium chalk in 300-g bags. This pebbly-textured chalk has great adhesion. In a re-sealable plastic zipper bag which makes it easy to pour.
bulk chalk

Chalk Block

This block of chalk can easily be broken off into pieces and put into your Summit Chalk Bag. Then simply crush and squeeze it until you are left with a powder. Added convenience with less mess. Shrink wrapped for easy storage and shipping!

Chalk block


Refillable Chalk Ball

Refillable 60-g chalk balls that come loaded with premium, high performance chalk.

chalck ball


Chalk bags

chalk bagsSummit Chalk Bag
Cylinder style nylon chalk bags. Fleece lined for easy finger dusting. A stiffened rim holds the bag open for easy dipping and a drawstring closure with cord lock keeps the chalk in place when not in use. Available in assorted colours.
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