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GSI OutdoorsCheck out the kitchen gear that will prove to be very handy while in the bush, climbing, on a backpacking trip or camping. You might even enjoy cooking more than you ever did at home. After a long day outside, a meal will provide everyone with renewed energy.
Check out the cool looking and functional kitchen gear from GSI Outdoors and Rome Industries and imagine the many great meals you will be able to create and the long conversations near the campfire that will follow! What the heck, let's throw a party.

This page shows some of the most popular items. We carry more products in our store and can order more for you without any extra cost.

Cook Systems - nFORM Ultralight line
  Java Presses
Pressure Cookers and Wok Sets
 Fire Pit Cooking
Kitchen Gadgets
Party Time

GSI Outdoors logoCook Systems - nFORM Ultralight line

The nFORM Ultralight line has taken the unique needs of fast and light backpacking and built a system of solutions that defy the notion that ultralight means making sacrifices. Time, comfort, efficiency, performance and ultra-light weight in a system built for one or two.

Soloist Cook SystemSoloist Cook System   $29.95   
  • Crushproof, dual-use lid made of BPA-Free resin prevents deformation of your pot/lid while serving as a Sip-It Lid or integrated strainer.
  • Convenient folding handle locks into place for cooking and secures entire set for transport, eliminating the need for a stuff sack.
  • Unique mug/bowl solution with low center of gravity and Sip-It virtually eliminates spills while the integrated insulating sleeve keeps your drinks hot.
  • Ingenious, welded stuff sack holds set while traveling and doubles as a sink or wash basin in camp.

Dualist Cook System   $59.00 Dualist Cook System
  • Crushproof lid made of BPA-Free resin prevents deformation of your pot/lid and includes an integrated strainer.
  • Convenient folding handle locks into place for cooking and secures entire set for transport, eliminating the need for a stuff sack.
  • Unique bowl + mug solution with low center of gravity and Sip-It virtually eliminates spills while the integrated insulating sleeve keeps your drinks hot.
  • Ingenious, welded stuff sack holds set while traveling and doubles as a sink or wash basin in camp.
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GSI Outdoors logoPressure Cookers and Wok Sets

Pressure Cooker

Pressure Cooker   $75.00
  • High-performance, non-reactive, hard anodized aluminum construction provides exceptional efficiency and uniformity.
  • Simple to use and easy to clean. Instructions and recipes included.
  • Triple safety system, rated to 12.67 psi (88 kpa).
  • Reduces cooking time by up to 66%.

Extreme 11" wok   $39.95
  • Hard Anodized Extreme® cookware provides the gourmet performance you demand while retaining the light weight that you need.
  • Easy-packing, nesting design thanks to dual-use bowl/lid
  • Spiral-turned base grips stoves and grills securely.
  • Exclusive SureLockTM folding handle.

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Rome IndustriesFire Pit Cooking

marshmallow tree Marsmallow TreeTM

An incredibly fun marshmallow roasting fork for summertime camping cookouts or in the backyard firepit. Since coming out in the fall of '06, the Marshmallow Fork has been a hit in retail stores, with campers and has been profiled on the Food Network.

The Marshmallow tree is made from steel that is bent and turned to look like the branches of a tree. Each end holds a marshmallow allowing the user to make 10 at a time. Features rosewood stained, tapered handle. Great gift item!

1805 #1805 Round Pudgy Pie Iron - Cast Iron
As much as people love the traditional square design, there is a vocal crowd of passion for our round Pie Iron. It's all in the way the cooker seals the food. Locking in flavors whether it is a hamburger, quick bread or dessert. With a sandwich, the round design crimps the corners of the bread to form a firm seal (similar to ravioli).
1905 #1905 Dog n' Brat/Cornbread Cooker - Cast Iron
Beer dogs, brats & onions, grilled sausages? You Betcha! The Dog n' Brat/Cornbread Cooker lets you cook 'em all over the fire while sealing in the juices. The cooking cavity holds 3 at a time. Cornbread and other quick breads are simple to make as well. With our cast iron design, you'll get the meat sizzling without being charred by the exposure of open flame.
1405 #1405 Waffle Iron - Cast Iron
Camp breakfast doesn't have to be granola and a banana. Treat the crew to fresh and fluffy waffles cooked in Rome's quality cast iron waffle iron. Designed in the long-handled style of Rome Industries Pie Irons for easy open fire cooking. Cooks nice sized 3 ¼" x 6" waffles.
1505 #1505 Wilderness Hamburger Griller - Cast Iron
A great way to cook burgers chops & chicken over a campfire without the complications and hassles of using large grill grates. All you do is fill the cast iron cavity with meat, close the lid, lock the hinge & hold over a roaring fire. The slotted casting simulates grill grate cooking and allows for excess fat to drip away from the meat.
1605 #1605 Double Pie Iron - Cast Iron
The big daddy of pie irons. Our double sized cast iron allows you to maximize the cooking versatility. Two grilled sandwiches at a time are a breeze. Also perfect for calzone, fish, pastys, chops and quick breads. Since it's cast iron you can let it cook in the coals like a dutch oven. Each side of the cooker also serves as a small skillet.
700 #700 Square Sandwich Cooker - Cast Aluminum
#700-T Square Sandwich Cooker w/Teflon - Cast Aluminum

45 years of experience goes into this Rome sandwich cooker. Their basic square design makes big sandwiches and wastes no bread. Made from easy to hold, easy to clean cast aluminum. Available with or without Teflon coating.
808 #808 Round Pie/Sandwich Cooker - Cast Aluminum
#808-T Round Pie/Sandwich Cooker w/Teflon - Cast Aluminum

People love round sandwich cookers for the way they crimp the bread and form a nice seal around the edge. Available with of w/o Teflon coating.
1200 #1200-T Double Sandwich Cooker w/Teflon - Cast Aluminum
Why not "supersize" your next grilled sandwich or dessert with the double sandwich cooker. Twice the cooking space allows for much wider recipe versatility. Use each side of the cooker as a small skillet. Cast aluminum with Teflon coating.
2000 #2000 Pie Iron Recipe Book
by Richard O’Russa 64 pgs
In this book, Richard explores the world of Pie Iron cooking with recipes covering all makes and models from round and square to double. From homemade Tuna Burgers to Cuban Sandwiches, if you can fit it between two slices of bread, you can bet that Richard has tried it. Beyond just sandwiches and pies, the author shows the incredibly versatility and imagination of Pie Iron cooking with unique recipes such as Falafel and Pesto Calzone.
1705 #1705 Square Pie Iron - Cast Iron
The classic, best selling Pie Iron loved by camp cookers throughout North America. The generous cooking cavity makes terrific sandwiches and deserts without wasting bread. Solid cast iron design holds up to the rigors of the campfire.
1028 #1028 Chuck Wagon Waffle Iron - Cast Iron
Before electric cooking devices were common, cast iron waffle irons were the standard and used on stoves, open fires and woodstoves. This design is the same diameter as the #1100, but the Pie Iron style removable handles make it perfect for BBQ grill use.
1100 #1100 Old Fashioned Waffle Iron - Cast Iron
With a nod to the nostalgia of the past, Rome's waffle iron makes big waffles in the traditional round shape. The two sides of the iron connect using their famous hinge system for secure use and easy cleanup. This design works best on a 2-burner camp stove or gas stove.

1024 #1024 Family Campfire Skillet - Cast Iron
With a name like "family campfire skillet", you may be surprised to know that it's only 6" diameter and not a big old 18" frying pan. How are you supposed to feed a family with that? The idea is to help introduce outdoor cooking to kids. We take the small skillet and attach a long wood and steel handle so the child can try cooking eggs, sandwiches and pancakes.
2200 #2200 Picnic Forks
These fresh and vibrant forks are perfect for summertime get togethers. Forks have turned wood handles in 4 different primary colors for a distinctive cottage retro look. S'more making here we come! 22" overall length. Chrome plated steel with wood handle and loop leather strap.
2744 #2744 4-up Safe'T'Roaster
Hinged steel cooker holds 4 hot dogs without poking a hole in the meat. This is a nice way to keep the juice inside the casing if you're cooking old fashioned weenies or natural brats.

#1005 Camp Bread Baker - Cast Iron
Rome's bread baker is a unique cast iron cooking device which allows you to bake a wide variety of quick or leavened breads in only 10 minutes. Simply butter the cavity and fill half way with dough and cook over a moderatly hot fire. Also great for cooking wraps, roll-ups and burritos.
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GSI Outdoors logoKitchen Gadgets
GSI Vortex Blender

Vortex Blender   $79.95
  • Powerful, two speed gear system crushes ice or works as a food processor.
  • Durable 1.5 L pitcher and shot cap made of virtually-unbreakable Lexan® resin.
  • Exclusive “pour-through” locking lid and C-clamp to secure the base to any table help to prevent accidents.
GSI Outdoors peppermill

Peppermill   $7.95
  • Compact, rugged design perfectly suited to backpacking
  • Adjustable grinding mechanism
  • Convenient dust cap stores atop unit while grinding

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GSI Outdoors logoJava Presses

10 fl. oz. JavaPress

10 fl. oz. JavaPress

  • Graduated carafe, made of virtually-unbreakable Lexan® Resin.
  • Thermally- insulated, closeable, dispenser cap.
  • Stable, anti-slip base removes for cleaning or weight-savings.
  • Includes insulated JavaWrap TM.
33 fl. oz. JavaPress

33 fl. oz. JavaPress

50 fl. oz. JavaPress

50 fl. oz. JavaPress
Stainless JavaPress

Java press
  • Thermally-insulated, double-wall carafe and pour-through lid keep your coffee hotter longer.
  • Durable Glacier Stainless® steel body and stable, high impact plastic base for years of reliable coffee in the outdoors.
  • Makes French Press coffee renowned for its elegant simplicity and rich, smooth, pure taste that cannot be duplicated with drip, filter or percolator-type coffee makers
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GSI Outdoors logoParty Time

  • Base snaps into rim for efficient packing and storing
Wine Glass Gift Set
Wine Glass Gift Set
Wine Glass
Wine Glass
Small Wine

Small Wine Glass

Campagne Flute
Margarita Glass
Margarita Glass
Beer Pilsner
Beer Pilsner

Martini Glass
Martini Glass
Wine Goblet
Wine Goblet
Margarita Glass
Margarita Glass
Martini Glass
Martini Glass
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GSI Outdoors logoTableware

GSI outdoors cutlery3pc. Ring Cutlery   $4.95
  • Ultra-durable Glacier Stainless® steel

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