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Where does your Mapnext adventure take you? Where will you be working next? Where being the key word - you need a map. The beginning of everything starts with a plan.

Chaltrek is the largest dealer of topographical and recreational maps in Northwestern Ontario and boasts a selection of stock most likely the biggest in - well you would need a map to figure that one out too!

National Topographic System (N.T.S.) maps
Nautical Charts
Adventure Map Series
Lake Superior Maps
Backroad Mapbooks
Lake Nipigon Basin Signature Site Map

© Department of Natural Resources Canada. All rights reserved.

National Topographic System (N.T.S.) maps
The National Topographic System (N.T.S.) maps are available in 1:50,000 and 1:250,000 scales. These maps are ideal for all recreational and commercial activities and show the following features:
  • buildings
  • cut lines
  • hills and valleys
  • lakes and rivers
  • major and secondary highways
  • portages and trails
  • streams and rapids
  • wooded areas

A 1:50,000 scale map covers approximately 1000 square kilometers while the 1:250,000 scale map covers the area of land equal to sixteen 1:50,000. Each map is $12.95.

Consult our index to aid in your map selection or call the store where all the knowledgeable staff will be glad to help you with your choice.

This index indicates the map coverage we stock. All other areas, Canada wide, are quickly and easily ordered.

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Nautical Charts
Chaltrek offers a complete selection of Canadian and American Nautical Charts for $20.00. A paper copy is required by law to be on board your vessel. Call toll free at 1 888 316 7350 for your free index.

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ChrismarAdventure Map Series
Chrismar Mapping Services is home of the Adventure Map Series. These maps are specifically designed for outdoor adventurers such as hikers, backpackers and canoeing enthusiasts who need an accurate, up to date, rugged map to get them into and safely back from Canada's finest wilderness recreational areas.

The Adventure Map is compact, easy to read, waterproof and loaded with information. This series contains execeptionally good topographical recreation maps made right here in Ontario.

Quetico Planning Map


White River
Wildwater Route
White River

Pukaskwa Coast
Paddling & Hiking


Point Pelee
National Park

$ 8.00
Point Pelee

Obatanga Provincial Park

$ 8.95

Spanish River

Spanish River


Wasaga Beach & Area
$ 6.95
Wasaga Beach
Missinaibi Provincial Park
Heart of the Continent
$ 8.95

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Lake Superior Port Cities Inc. Lake Superior Maps

Graveyard of the Great Lakes Shipwreck MapsGraveyard of the Great Lakes Shipwreck Maps
These historically accurate Shipwreck Maps of each of the Great Lakes contains fascinating facts about the lighthouses of the lake along with details of each wreck - what type of vessel and when it was seen last. They measure 24" x 30" and are rolled in tubes.

Lake Superior Map - Third Edition
Beautiful textured paper and suitable for framing. Water depths in varying shades of blue. Major roadways, towns, landmarks and parks. Includes some shipwrecks. Map measures 24" x 36" and comes rolled in a tube.

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logoBackroad Mapbooks
Ontario is a big province and Backroad Mapbooks are well known as the outdoor recreation map source for Ontario, especially up north. They offer maps covering Southwestern Ontario, Cottage Country Ontario maps, Eastern Ontario maps, Northeastern Ontario maps and Northwestern Ontario maps.
On top of that, there are many more Mapbooks that cover other provinces. Backroad Mapbooks offer information for fishing, hiking, camping, exploring, canoeing, hunting or pretty well any other outdoor activity in Canada.

These maps combine city and rural roads with current forestry and logging road maps. A wide variety of trail systems are highlighted, that range from popular hikes to a host of off-road routes. To aid users the trails are marked with symbols designating which type of user can access the trail wherever space allows. Another helpful feature is the fact that ATV, snowmobile trails and long distance trails are highlighted with a background colour to allow for easier navigation.
For paddlers, access points, portages as well as the water route itself are indicated.
Besides parks, you will find a wide range of other recreational opportunities marked. These range from beaches to wildlife viewing opportunities.
For hunters and anglers, Management Units are included.
On top of showing soft shadows and highlights to accentuate the changes in the slope of the terrain, the colour changes to match the elevation. These feautures, together with contour lines give a great impression of the landscape and make these maps full blown topographical maps.
Blue numbers represent UTM Grids and the black numbers represent Longitude and Latitude reference points.

Just a few examples:
Backroad Mapbook - Northwestern Ontario
Backroad Mapbook - Northeastern Ontario

Backroad Mapbooks Topo Maps
Topo Map Cover

By blowing up their popular Backroad Mapbook maps by 250%, you will see the world in a different perspective or scale. (Click here to see a sample) Printed on water resistant paper.

Other features include:
  • Elevation relief shading
  • Color road classifications distinguishing paved roads from logging roads
  • Labeled roads and trails
  • Trail systems, including defined ATV, snowmobile & long distance trail systems
  • Wildlife management boundaries for anglers and hunters
  • Park and backcountry campsites
  • Paddling routes including access points and portages
  • Wildlife viewing sites
Map Key See the Northwestern Ontario map key on the left. (Click to enlarge)

How to use
The backroad mapbooks are very user friendly. Simply look up the lake name of interest in the index. You will see a map number beside the lake name. The map number will also be the page number in the book. Turn to that page number and start planning your next adventure.

The backroad topo maps tie in nicely to the mapbook as well. The page number from the book is also the map number.

For example, to look up: Dog Lake
Index reference is map 15
Dog Lake, map 15 is on page 15
To order, the Dog Lake topo map would be map 15

Chaltrek stores their maps in a flat format, so you can fold your map your way or even have it laminated.

A great gift idea.

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Map Lake Nipigon

Lake Nipigon Basin Signature Site Map

Chaltrek is now the distributor for the Lake Nipigon Basin Signature Site Map.

This map was developed by the Land of the Nipigon Waterways Development Association and the Ministry of Natural Resources.

Paper format $15.00

Laminated format $25.00

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Chaltrek is a proud dealer of:
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Lake Superior Port Cities Inc. Backroad Mapbooks

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