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Clear Water Design
Clearwater kayak
Clearwater Design has been producing canoes and kayaks since 1995.

All their designs are produced using linear polyethylene through an effecient and environmentally friendly process called rotational molding. Computer controlled cycles ensure consistent hull formation.

The Clearwater Design factory is located in Picton, Ontario


All Clearwater Design recreational kayaks are equipped with adjustable footstops, carry handles and deck hardware.

The back rests have an inflatable air bladder for lumbar support.


Perfect for the small to mid sized paddler, the Iqaluit is a stable lightweight recreational kayak with a very large cockpit opening.

Length   11 feet 6 inches
Width   28 inches
Weight  46 pounds
Cockpit size   51 inches x 18 inches
Capacity   300 pounds



This compact kayak will empress you with its performance. Easy to use and very comfortable. Beginners and experienced paddlers will love to get out on the water in the Muskoka.

Length   11 ft. 8 inches
Width   26 inches
Weight   45 pounds
Cockpit size   34 inches x 16 inches
Capacity   300 pounds



With a wide cockpit, this recreational kayak is suitable for a varity of paddlers. Very stable, spacious and easy to maneuver. The high volume low and large opening provides enough space for extra gear.

Length   13 feet
Width   28 inches
Weight   49 pounds
Cockpit size   51 inches x 18 inches
Capacity   350 pounds




All touring kayaks have adjustable footstops, carry handles, new seat system, two bulkheads, two hard hatches, self-rescue straps and extensive deck hardware.

    New Seat System
  • contoured base with padded seat cover
  • adjustable tilting back rest with pump up inflatable lumbar support

Georgian Bay

This lightweight design features hard chines for maximum control and carving. A great choice for a small to mid sized paddler with some experience.

Length   14 feet
Width   24 inches
Weight   49 pounds
Cockpit size   34 inches x 16 inches
Capacity   250 pounds


Georgian Bay


An over sized cockpit makes for easy entry. Soft chine hull and very sharp entry/exit lines equals stability and straight tracking.

Length   13 feet 9 inches
Width   25 inches
Weight   53 pounds
Cockpit size  35 inches x 19 inches
Capacity   300 lbs.



The Manitoulin is a compact inexpensvie lightweight design with a soft chine hull. Very stable and ideal for the beginner.

Length   13 feet 6 inches
Width   24 inches
Weight   49 pounds
Cockpit size   16 inches x 34 inches
Capacity   250 lbs



At Grey Owl, years of research, development and innovative ideas meet with engineering excellence to bring the most advanced wooden paddles available. They lead the industry with features such as uniquely laminated exotic woods, models with urethane plastic tips and edging where you need it. The respect for the past has led them to retain hiddden plastic inserts in the tips of the one-piece wooden paddles.

Durable, lightweight, stiff and sleek describe the new Grey Owl composites. They evolved from the successful wooden line and compliment rather than displace the legendary wooden models.

Whether you are a serious racer, week-end warrior, guide, novice or seasoned tripper, Grey Owl has a model that will excite your paddling sensibilities and satisfy your boating needs.

Made in Ontario, Canada

Grey Owl's line of kayak paddles include three adult and one child's paddle in both wood and composites. There are models for all kayakers at every level of experience. All paddles have been designed to keep the weight to a minimum so hour after hour and mile after mile these moderately priced paddles are a joy to swing.

Except for the child's Mayfly, the Grey Owl's designs are primarily a low angle blade for those who prefer a laid back easy cruising stroke. The dihedral spoon blades make for a smooth, effecient stroke and the take-apart shaft allows the paddle to be used unfeathered or feathered 60 degrees right or left. The child's Mayfly is a one piece junior paddle.

Laminated flat basswood blade.
Suitable for children ages six to ten.
Weight: 28 oz.
Lengths: 150 & 175 cm

Laminated ash and cedar shaft.
Seven lamination walnut, bass and butternut blade.
Blade entry: high angle
Weight: 38 oz.
Lenghts: 210, 220, 230 & 240 cm

Laminated ash and cedar shaft. Eleven lamination bass, butternut, walnut and ash blade.
Blade entry: low angle
Weight: 32 oz.
Lengths: 210, 220, 230, 240 & 250 cm

Composite fiberglass shaft.
Seven lamination cedar, butternut and bass blade.
Blade entry: high angle
Weight: 28 oz.
Lengths: 210, 220, 230 & 240 cm

These paddles are distinguished by their long slender blades and overall resilience. The blade is scaled to the shaft and gets larger as the shaft length increases. Generally speaking, larger blades are more suitable for steering, while the smaller blades lend themselves to solo paddling.

Laminated Paddles

Laminated ss construction with pear grip.
Suitable for children ages 4 to 8.

Laminated bass construction with pear grip.
Urethane tip.
Suitable for the young camper 8 and older

Laminated cherry construction with pear grip.
Partial urethane edging.
Affordable and rugged option to the Grey Owl solid wood Chieftain paddle

One-piece Paddles

The Sagamore, Chieftan and Tripper are more akin to a piece of fine furniture rather than a utility paddle. They should never be used for pushing off rocks or poling on the bottom.

A very traditional 'voyageur' style paddle with a medium soft flex.
Black cherry with a football style grip and an oval shaft.
Cambered blade with very fine edges and hidden plastic tip insert.
Available with varnish or optional linseed oil finish.

Grey Owl's finest all-around solo paddle with a medium flex.
Black cherry with a football style grip and an oval shaft.
Cambered blade with very fine edges and hidden plastic tip insert.
Available with varnish or optional linseed oil finish.

Ideal stern paddle with a soft flex.
Black cherry with football style grip and an oval shaft.
Cambered blade with very fine edges and hidden plastic tip insert.
Available with varnish or opional linseed oil finish.

Birdseye Maple Sagamore
A very traditional 'voyageur' style paddle with a medium soft flex.
Birdseye maple with football style grip and an oval shaft.
Cambered blade with very fine edges and a hidden plastic tip insert.
Varnish finish only.
Birdseye Maple Sagamore

Eagle Feather
A truly unique paddle design. The oval paddle shaft is made from ash and butternut with a football style birdseye maple grip.
The blade core is ash, white cedar and basswood with an overlay of walnut and ash veneer resembling a feather.
$ 270.00
Eagle Feather

Grey Owl's recreational paddles are characterized by the multi-laminated designs of contrasting woods and blades that remain constant in size throughout different lengths.
Because of their design they tend to have a stiffer flex than the traditional models.
In general, the stiffer the paddle, the more effecient it becomes, but some of the comfort found in paddling with a softer flex is sacrificed. This line of paddles is shorter and wider and offers the widest range of canoeing applications. Whether you paddle on entry level flatwater, moving water, wilderness rivers, whitewater, or in freestyle competitions, Grey Owl has the paddle shape and size to fit your needs.

Scout Laminated bass construction with a pear grip.
All the basic features of the top line models.
An ideal entry level paddle.

Voyageur Laminated ash and bass shaft with cherry pear grip.
Cherry, butternut and bass blade.
Similar usage to the River, with a wider and shorter blade that is more effecient in the shallows.

Sugar Island
Sugar Island Laminated cherry and bass shaft with walnut and cherry scroll grip.
Cherry, ash, bass and walnut blade.
Extended urethane edging around tip.
Large blade offers good directional control and acceleration.
Good for moving water and those who prefer larger blades with little slipage.

Hammerhead Same layup as the Sugar Island with oiled walnut mushroom T-grip.
Partial urethane edging.
10 ounce fiberglass cloth covering blade.
Tough and lightweight for use in moving water and class 1-3 whitewater.
Effective wide, short blade.

Owl Feather
Owl Feather Ash and bass shaft with football style birdseye maple grip.
Ash, white cedar and basswod core with an overlay of walnut and ash veneer resembling a feather.
An all around solo paddle with modest flex and a large blade.

These are excellent shallow or deep water paddles that offer increased efficiency through paddle design and paddling technique. The blade of the paddle is offset from the shaft to allow the blade to remain vertical to the canoe's path throughout the stroke. This improves the effeciency of each stroke and allows shorter strokes at an increased stroke rate. Grey Owl Bent Shafts are hard to beat for long distance paddling.

Sprite 14 Sprite 14
Bass and butternut construction with a scroll grip and urethane plastic tip. Excellent as a lightweight training or entry level paddle.

Touring 6 & 12
Tpuring 6 and 12 Ash, bass, butternut and walnut construction.
Thicker, more contoured walnut and butternut scroll grip and extended urethane plastic edging.
The 12° angle allows full advantage of the bent shaft principle, while offering a slightly more upright and relaxed paddling position. The 6° offers some of the advantages of the 12° while making steering easier.
Grey Owl's toughest bent shaft for wilderness and heavy-duty applications.

Raven 12
Raven 12 Carbon fibre foam core construction with knife edge blade for a clean catch and exit.
Comfortable fatigue fighting grip.
A durable lightweight composite 12° bent shaft paddle suitable for marathon or outrigger canoeing.
Available with a ball or T-grip handle.

Monarch Butternut, white cedar, walnut and basswood construction.
Large walnut and butternut scroll grip.
Lightweight (16-18 oz) marathon style paddle with a curved blade that allows cleaner tip entry and a smooth release.

Customers please not that Grey Owl Stand Up Paddles are a special order. No additional shipping charges for orders picked up in store. Please allow approximately two-three weeks for delivery.

Whether you are racing, surfing or simply enjoying a 'fitness paddle' on a mirror calm lake, Grey Owl's broad range of Stand Up Paddles are sure to suit your needs. The smaller blades are ideal for surf, high tempo paddling and racing. The larger blades are best suited for strong paddlers, faster boards, down wind running and provide more stability for learning balance and bracing. For approximate sizing add 10 inches to your height for flatwater and 8 inches for surf paddling.

Still Water
A rugged, economical paddle for all levels of expertise.
Hardwood T-grip for easy blade orienteering.
Medium flex.
S Water 01 wooden shaft, blade & handle $126.00
S Water 02 fiberglass shaft, wood handle $145.00
S Water 04 telescopic fiberglass shaft & handle $180.00
Still Water

Wave Rider
Beautiful curved dihedral hardwood blade with a 4 oz. fiberglass cloth.
Small and medium blade sizes available.
W Rider 01 carbon shaft, wooden handle 8.5" blade $189.00
W Rider 02 carbon shaft, wooden handle 9.5" blade $189.00
W Rider 04 telescopic fg shaft & handle 8.5" blade $246.00
W Rider 06 telescopic fg shaft & handle 9.5" blade $246.00
W Rider 08 telescopic carbon shaft/handle 8.5" blade $264.00
W Rider 10 telescopic carbon shaft/handle 9.5" blade $264.00
Wave Rider

Surf Line
Durable and lightweight all carbon model.
Curved dihedral blade for easy ruddering and smooth catch.
Chip resistant blade edges.
S Line 01 carbon shaft and handle, 8.375" blade $338.00
S Line 03 telescopic carbon shaft and handle 8.375" blade $390.00
Surf Line

Salus LogoSalus pfds

Salus Marine Wear Inc. was founded in 1999 by Steve Wagner of Waterloo, Ontario. His focus was on comfort, quality, function, style and attention to detail.

Today the small Canadian manufacturer services paddlers, sailors, active families and rescue professionals in Canada and around the world with its award-winning PFDs. Their warehouse is in Kitchener, Ontario
Salus: Proud to be Canadian


Non Approved Baby Vest.
The Salus Bijoux's unique design offers unprecendented security, safety and comfort for babies 9 to 25 lbs.

Colours: Pink, Blue, Red
Sizing: 9 - 25 lbs



Children's Vest.
The Salus Nimbus makes water play safer for children and more relaxing for adults. Specially contoured to hug little bodies, children will get the best fit, mobility and safety at the water's edge or while swimming and boating.

Colours: Blue, Pink, Lime
Sizing: I 20 - 30, C 30 - 60, Y 60 - 90

Gold Tango TANGO

Sports Vest.
The Salus Tango has a low profile design, tapered back, high waist, soft foam and bottom belt. It's unique shoulder adjustment, comfort and security make this vest ideal for men, women and tweens.

Colours: Gold, Blue
Sizing: XS-M, M-XL, XL-3XL


Paddle and Sport Vest
The Salus Eddy's unisex styling with contour fit and high back construction puts it in a league of high-end vests with streamlined features.
Mango Eddy Blue Eddy
Pink Eddy Green Eddy
Colours: Mango, Blue, Pink, Red, Lime/Blue
Sizing: XS-S, S-M, M-L, L-XL, XL-2XL


Paddle and Sport Vest The Salus Solo makes our adventures more comfortable and safe with its six points of adjustment and reflective piping. The Solo is well suite for any performance sport.

Mango Solo Red Solo
Colours: Mango, Red
Sizing: XS-S, S-M, M-L, L-XL, XL-2XL

Contoured Performance Vest. The Salus Kiwi features unisex styling with roomy upper body and a contoured fit suitable for women.

Red Kiwi Kiwi - Mango
Colours: Red, Mango, Blue
Sizing: S-M, M-L, L-XL, XL-2XL

Colours: celery, lavendar


Other Salus models:

Sports Vest
Gold, Tan, Blue
Kayak Guide Vest
Gold, Red
Freestyle Vest
Gold, Red, Black
Fisherman's Vest

Windpaddle Sails
WindPaddle Sails

Because of their light weight, simplicity, ease and speed of launching, and effecient design they have become the best-selling kayak and canoe sail the world over.

Adventure sail The Adventure Sail is intended for the serious seakayaker and is the sail for expeditions on big water. It will withstand any condition you throw at it. This sail's sturdy and unbreakable perimeter batten maintains sail shape in high winds and allows for high sailing angles.

Target Boat Touring and expedition boats 14' - 18'
Target Wind Range 5 - 30 knots
Target Paddler Intermediate to expert


Windpaddle Scout Sail The Scout Sail is an entry-level sail intended for the recreational solo kayak paddler. It is the same size as the Adventure Sail and is the lightest, most affordable and easiest to use sail currently on the market.

Target Boat Solo recreational boat to touring kayak 8’ - 15’
Target Wind Range 4 - 13 knots
Target Paddler Novice to intermediate


Chaltrek is a proud dealer of:
Clear Water Design Salus Logo
Wind Paddle Sails Grey Owl Logo

toll free number: 1-888-316-7350
E-mail: jw@chaltrek.com
404 Balmoral Street
Thunder Bay, ON
P7C 5G8
Phone#: (807) 577-8848
Fax #: (807) 476-0430